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The Art Form

Musical Theatre as an Art Form

Live theatre, whether musical, dramatic, or comedic, creates a two-way relationship between the performer. While TV, movies, and the Internet have changed entertainment, live theatre still has a place in our lives.

Until a little over a century ago, all entertainment was live. Then came movies and radio, both unique mediums in their own right. But on the live stage, the performers gets immediate reaction from the audience and audience can show their appreciation (or consternation). It can be entertaining when recorded on film or video, but the connection between the performer and the audience can only happen in the live theatre.

Each entertainment medium is discipline within itself. Musical theatre combines many disciplines into one art form. The costumes, makeup, props, and scenery are combined with the script (or book) and the musical score, and then combined with the performers ability to sing, dance, and act to connect with the audience. The audience generally does not think, “Wow, wasn’t that makeup job great!” But they would notice that something wasn’t right if the makeup was not there. Each component plays a role in creating the art of the musical theatre.



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